Naomi Weak

Congratulations to Naomi Weak, who was awarded the David Hojnacke, CHS 2020, Scholarship!
Naomi will be attending the University of Nebraska at Lincoln to study pre-law. She wants to become a human rights attorney one day, and was inspired to follow this career path because “I witnessed what our country has been going through, I have experienced opposition regarding my own disability, and I want to help others in the push for equality.”
Naomi said she loved being at Central because she felt like she could be herself without fear of being placed in a box. “There is such a…

Written by Bruce Lovgren, Class of 1988

“Central High School was good to me.” That was my first thought when the Central High School Foundation requested that I write an essay reflecting on our society’s continued efforts at creating a more equitable world for people with disabilities. Of course I would do it, I thought! Because Central made me — someone with a physical disability — feel like a welcomed, valued part of the community, which is unfortunately no small feat.

Written by Ali Hodge, Class of 2009

With warm wishes, the Central High School Foundation extends its deepest appreciation to our alumni and community supporters. We always have so much to be thankful for, but this year has been truly outstanding. 2020 has been an amazing year, even in the face of such unusual challenges!

10. We created unique opportunities for our young people to support their classroom learning.

Written by Muzette Hill Stallings, Class of 1974, and Former Associate General Counsel for Ford Motor Credit Company LLC

In 1972, my mother, who was a community organizer in South Omaha, was speaking to Sam Greenberg, the manager of Philip’s Department Store and someone the community affectionately called ‘Mr. South Omaha.’ As their conversation shifted from the community to politics, my mother wondered aloud, “I wonder when we will ever have a woman president?” To which Mr. South Omaha responded, “We will have a Black man as a president before we have a woman president.” I remember when my mother…

Written by John Flemming, Class of 1966; Guidance Counselor at Central High School

The Declaration of Independence states that “all men are created equal, (and) are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” During this chapter of the story of the United States of America, I find myself reflecting heavily on this quote. The Founding Fathers challenged all of us to strive for equality for all people. …

Written by the Rt. Rev. J. Scott Barker, Class of 1981; Central High School Hall of Fame Inductee

Written by Ali Hodge, Class of 2009

Eek! COVID-19 really ruined a lot of our plans, didn’t it? Unfortunately, all of the class reunions that were planned for this Fall have been cancelled. However, you don’t have to go another year without seeing your classmates if you don’t want to! Below we have compiled a list of tips and tricks to help you make the most out of a virtual class reunion!

Reach Back Out to the Central High School Foundation!

Just because you won’t be visiting your alma mater in person does not mean we do not have a ton of valuable resources and experience to help you…

Written by the Rt. Rev. J. Scott Barker, Class of 1981; Central High School Hall of Fame Inductee

In “Look Backward at History to Move Forward in Progress,” Dr. Rodney Wead recounts the tragic story of the shooting of Vivian Strong in the summer of 1969, the heartbreak and anger her death touched off in Omaha’s black community, and the aftermath of living in the shadow of the systemic racism and police violence that was and is the lived reality of People of Color in this country. …

Written by Dr. Rodney S. Wead, Class of 1953; Central High School Hall of Fame Inductee

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